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Castor Care Ghana provides businesses across industries with the highest quality, FDA/Quality Standards approved castor oil. It is currently the only mass producers of castor oil in Ghana, and is continuing to grow. Using the natural soil richness of Africa and it's climate our castor oil is grown, cultivated and extracted locally in Ghana using state of the art machines and services. We take pride in our product and value our customers and their needs which is why we provide a personalised product for the needs of any business (cold pressed, hot pressed, perfumed, or 100% pure) at a very competitive price. For more information  please feel free to contact us at any time.

What is Castor Oil

What is Castor Oil
Castor oil is arguably the most health promoting natural oils in the world. It is extracted from castor seed and is most popular for treating skin infections, lowering constipation and boosting the appearance of hair health due to its unique contained compound, ricinoleic acid. Scientific research has shown that castor oil has even more important applications for supporting the immune system. Studies have shown that castor oil is capable of increasing white blood cells and the count of T-11 cells (a type of special white blood cells that act like antibodies) produced within the body’s lymphocytes that help kill viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.

Castor oil is known to consist of up to 90% ricinoleic, 4% linoleic, 3% oleic, 1% stearic, and less than 1% linolenic fatty acids.

Benefits of Castor

Hair Care

- Hair Growth - Hair Thickness - Treating Split Ends - Hair Nourishment


- Improves Circulation - Anti-inflammatory - Anti-viral/bacterial - Increased Immunity - Menstrual Cramps - Joint Pain

Skin Care

- Treating Acne - Skin Infection - Natural Moisturiser - Treating Sunburns - Reducing Itching and Swelling

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